September 28, 2016

WBP lunch in Zurich with Sylvia Day!

During a delicious lunch over vegetarian-Indian food, we have had a chance to meet in person the popular actress Sylvia Day and talk about our common interests. We have chatted extensively about nearly everything, from the typical WBP themes (challenges facing women in society, the burden of caregiving and the lack of proper scientific research into show more…

September 28, 2016

Global Alliance on Women’s Brain Health luncheon in Toronto

  The Global Alliance on Women’s Brain health (Involving representatives of the Women’s Brain Health Initiative (, Womensagainstalzheimer (, Alzheimer research UK ( and 21st century brain trust (, has kindly invited us to join their conversation at the luncheon organized during the AAIC2016 ( meeting in Toronto on July 26th 2016.   In this show more…

September 24, 2016

the Brain Project

September 22, 2016

International brain initiative

Read DR. VAUGHAN TUREKIAN , and  ROBERT CONN‘s article on the launch of the International Brain Initiative at the United Nations General Assembly this week. View original article.

September 20, 2016

Maria Shriver and Dr. Richard Isaacson on AD prevention

Click to view the article.

September 15, 2016

What is Alzheimer’s disease

September 13, 2016

Learning to turn down your Amygdala can modify your emotions

Researchers report downregulating amygdala activity may improve behavioral emotion. Read it on

September 13, 2016

Health e-Brain study

Learn more about the Health e-Brain study. Caregiving is hard. Now, caregivers can help scientists learn how the experience impacts brain performance. Join here. Caregiving for Alzheimer’s patients affects a caregiver’s health. Help researchers develop a new “Mobile Mirror”. Click here. Calling all Caregivers! Join the Health-eBrain study & give yourself a checkup from the show more…

September 13, 2016

Mental health and sleep

Learn about how sleep and mental health are linked in the brain. Article by:

September 13, 2016

Women’s Brain Project live on ZNZ

Women’s Brain Project *ZNZ is the neuroscience magazine of the University Zurich.

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