Annemarie Schumacher Dimech, PhD

My strong interest in mental health issues started in Malta where I read for a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. I then went on to study health psychology at the University of Surrey (UK) and after that spent a couple of years working with children with mental and/or physical disability. I moved to Switzerland in 2005 and read for my PhD at the University of Bern. Since my move to Switzerland, I have mainly worked in research and teaching in the area of health and exercise psychology, my main interest being the effect of our emotions, thoughts and behaviour on our mental health.

I presently work as a research officer at the Interdisciplinary Competence Center for Ageing at the University of Applied Sciences St.Gallen, where I am involved in various projects investigating psychosocial and behavioural aspects of old age. This project brings together my research interests involving various factors related to mental health as well as my personal interest relating to women’s mental health and well-being.