Francesca Baracchi, PhD

After obtaining a MSc in Psychology, I decided to venture in the academic world of basic research by enrolling in the Neurophysiology graduate program of the faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna. My focus has always been on the mechanisms of sleep regulation and the influences of sleep on the immune functions.

After several post-doctoral experiences around the world (University of Michigan, Università Statale di Milano and University of Bern) I decided to take a break from research to become a mother.
The experience of motherhood revolutionized my world and pushed me back to psychology. I decided to specialize in perinatal psychology to focus on the emotional changes and mood disorders in women during the post-partum period.

I joined the Women Brain Project both as a neuroscientist and as a psychologist with the belief that gender-driven research is necessary and long overdue. My hope is to contribute to the project by raising awareness on specific women mental health issues throughout the entire life span.